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Since time immemorial, garlic has been used as flavor. But nowadays its breathtaking properties make people to consume and appreciate it.

Apart from being garnish for different dishes, it contains sulfuric compound helping immune system. That’s why it is known as antibiotic against Infectious diseases and cold. Garlic also plays a key role in treatment of respiratory disease as it purifies the respiratory tracts and blood vessels. Furthermore, it serves as a cornerstone to fight against cancer tumors. Simply because it is rich in antioxidants that prevents cells to associate.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure and high bad cholesterol level, you highly recommended to add garlic to your daily diet since it is known as the best treatment for reducing the level of bad cholesterol and blood pressure. Proved by scientist that daily consumption of garlic can decline the risk of heart attack.

Garlic also is a great source of vitamin B, so it strengthens digestive system helping this for better function. It is used in different dishes, salad and somehow can be chewed for toothache and cold.

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