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Produce name: fresh cabbage
Variety: cabbage leafy in green & purple color

Iran fresh cabbage main market is Russia, CIS & Persian Gulf countries
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How to choose and store fresh cabbage:
It is important to choose healthy, shiny and smooth leaves. To prevent losing its vitamin C, it should maintain in chill weather. It is said that you can keep it for two weeks in refrigerator but remember sliced cabbage loose its properties, so you’d better put it in plastic bag and keep it in refrigerator.
Fresh cabbage properties:
Wishing to have fresh skin or strong immune system, you can take advantages of fresh cabbage. It is rich in sulfur and vitamin C which can serve as an important means to remove toxics and Uric acid. Furthermore, drinking a glass of cabbage juice can ease your tension and relieve chronic headache.
It also is proved by scientist that cabbage juice is extremely beneficial for peptic treatment and anemia. It is a main source of potassium and play a really important role in opening blood vessels together with increasing mind operation and concentration. But its benefit is not confined to these, since fresh cabbage is enrich in fibber, it serves as influential remedy for constipation and obesity.

Planting site in Iran:

North of Khuzestan province, Fars province

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