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Product name: Spinacia oleracea


Planting site in Iran: Iran is one of the best area for spinach cultivation so you can find the best quality spinach in different region of Iran.

How to select and store:

Select ones with fresh green leaves and no flattering or black spot which is a sign of decay. It shouldn’t be washed unless you want to use it. Wrap it in napkin and put it in a plastic bag or in a sealed container and remember to use it within 3 days.


Spinach is a world known fantastic vegetable with the highest nutritional value. Although this popular vegetable has been grown in many part of the world, the high quality one needs a very rich soil.

It is mainly famous for having phosphorus which is one of the essential elements for mental improvement. Plus, folate together with potassium can protect brain from mental related disease such as Alzheimer. Its leaves are the great source of vitamin A, C and B3 which serve as an important means to eye sight, strengthen body against disease, preventing cancer and skin protection.

We shouldn’t close our eyes on ability to cope with anemia. Indeed, spinach can provide body, specially people living in metropolitan area, with Iron needed for RBC and increase the amounts of RBC. So it is the best treatment for people with anemia and pregnant. It is also said that spinach provide essential nutrients that are needed for fetal development. But don’t forget to add spinach in your daily diet if you really want to lose weight, cause its fantastic properties turn it to a worthwhile nutrient by which your body metabolism would increase to great extant.

It is common in Iran to add cooked spinach to yogurt. It can be added to different dishes or salads as well.

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