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Fresh White Turnip :
Product name: Brassica rapa
Planting site in Iran: Fars, Khuzestan
How to choose and store turnip:
Fresh turnip should be firm, heavy and light inside. Its skin is shiny, clear and smooth. Small turnips are sweet and the big ones are effective.
Its leaves should be separated putting booth leaves and roots in plastic bag and keep them in refrigerator.
If people were aware of the turnip properties, they would probably fill their garden with this profitable vegetable. As turnip is cultivated in winter, it is a good remedy for cold, flu and respiratory related disease such as asthma. Furthermore, the great source of antioxidants can fight against free radical’s formation and prevents cancer.
Wishing to have beautiful skin without any acnes, you’d better add row turnip to your daily diet, simply because it is rich in sulfur which is influential in blood vessels cleanness from microbe. The well-known Persian scientist, Avicenna, has highly recommended turnip owing to eye- sight improvement. Fiber founding in turnip help intestine to work smoothly. And above all, turnip is influential in memory improvement as it has phosphorous to great extent.

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