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How to choose and store onion:

Fresh onion doesn’t have any crack or groves on them. Its skin should be crisp and dry and do not have any dark spots on them because they are sign of spoiling.


Since time immemorial, it has been used as flavors and with the advancement of the science its pros came to light. Fresh onion fraught with lots of nutrient such as sulfur which contributes to our body better operation. To begin with, sulfur founding in onion are responsible for reducing the blood sugar. It is proved by scientist that people putting onion in their diet have shown better normalized enzymes and increased insulin production. it serves as a disinfectant for respiratory diseases i.e Bronchitis, asthma and Cold.

Fresh onion is mainly famous for helping digestive system.

Furthermore, it reduces blood pressure and blood fat by preventing fat activities in blood vessels to be clotted.

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