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Product name: Phaseolus vulgaris


Planting site in Iran: Fars, Azerbaijan, Lorestan, Zanjan, Markazi

How to select and store:

Choose the firm and crispy ones in dark green color. There should be no dark spot or softness on its surface. Put them in plastic bag and keep it in refrigerator or freezer.


Green bean is one of the low calorie supplements which is fraught with nutrients. It mainly includes vitamin A, K, C, protein and fiber. Potassium together with magnesium decreases blood pressure and heart related diseases. It also increases calcium absorption so play a key role in bones and tooth health. Plus, it can protect body against cancer effects and boosts body immune system.

Green bean is a great source of protein and provides one who cannot eat meet, with Iron. It is a precious nutrient for pregnant women and people with anemia. What’s more, it prevents depression as it is rich in folic acid which its deficiency cause depression.

It can be served beside food as a great source of fiber or it can be added to many dishes. It is better to consume its steamed rather than cooked.

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