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Product name: Pea (Pisum sativum)


Plating site in Iran: Khuzestan, Bandarabas, Bushehr, Fars

How to choose and store:

Choose ones with crispy, fresh and light green pods. It is better to shell peas and put them into plastic bag and keep in freezer otherwise it shouldn’t be kept more than 4 days in refrigerator.


You may probably be impressed by knowing the amazing properties of peas. Not only are they delicious but they also are the great source of valuable mineral compound i.e. vitamin C. As you are fully aware vitamin C is one of the essential elements for repairing and growing the body tissues as well as collagen. Unfortunately, you cannot store vitamin C unless you take your daily required dose of vitamin C to your body.

Peas are known as anti-depression as they are rich in folic acid. So if you are willing to take away depression, you really need to add a specific amount of peas to your diet. Peas are also proven to be heart-friendly vegetables as they are fraught with fiber opening heart veins.

Another equally important reason to consume pea is that it is rich in protein while having less calorie and fat. So you can add it to your diet as an effective supplement by which you can provide your body cells with lots of essential nutrients without worrying about your body weight.

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